“[O]n the surface, the York Theatre Company’s engaging and very promising new musical is about one Manhattan couple’s housing decision. On all the important levels, it’s about the courage to make change.” —Anita Gates, The New York Times 

“Winning and warm… Suburb is a sweet, old-fashioned take on the charms and travails of exurban life… a wry but enthusiastic celebration of a typical American experience.” —Donald Lyons, New York Post

“The hand-wringers have wondered whether musical comedy can ever again attract the great comedic talents that it drew in its Golden Age, when it offered wider popular and material rewards. David Javerbaum, it delights me to say, is just such a talent, a top-flight lyricist with a gift for complex wordplay and a sweet regard for the sentimental strengths of the musical form… this enchanting new musical bustles with energy, charm and heart. It’s the most enjoyable new musical I’ve seen this season.” —Adam Feldman, Broadway.com

Suburb pulls off the nearly impossible task of crossing over into another audience (mine) that wouldn’t normally bite. An impressive feat, to be sure. I’m in one seat, surprised at my own enjoyment… in the other sits my friend, quietly identifying with the onstage couple as she plans her imminent relocation to the ‘burbs. At the end of the night, everyone goes home happy.” —Jeremiah Kipp, Matinee Magazine

Suburb is super! The songs are sprightly, spirited, loving and buoyant… you must go see this show.” —David F. Richardson, WOR Radio